Level 1 4 Hour Online Co-Parenting / Divorce Class
(Base Co-Parenting Class)

$39.99 Add

Level 1 foundational co-parenting class focusing on families in transition. Parents learn skills to avoid common mistakes in an effort to work together with their co-parent for the sake of the children.

Target: Divorcing, separating, never married parents or for parents seeking a modification.

Available in English and Spanish

Level 2 12 Hour Online Parenting Without Conflict ®
(High-Conflict Co-Parenting Class)

$139.99 Add

Level 2 skills-based co-parenting class for potentially high-conflict families. These life skills teach parents how to manage emotions in order to protect their children during transition and moving forward.

Target: Divorcing, separating or never married parents in conflict or contested cases.

Available in English and Spanish

12 Hour Online Parenting Skills – Basics

Ages 0-5

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Ages 5-13

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Ages 13-18

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Provides parents a foundational understanding of basic parenting skills while raising their child(ren) from infancy to adulthood.

Online Parenting Skills - Thrive Class

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Co-Parenting/Divorce Class in
16th Judicial District Family Court

There are 36 counties within the state of Oregon. Online Co-Parenting/Divorce class is a recognized online divorce education option in Oregon family courts.

DISCLAIMER: Online parent education classes are recognized within the state of Oregon by many family courts; however, if you are court ordered to take a co-parenting class, it is always best to verify approval of our classes with your district court of record to verify their acceptance of an online parenting class. Each state, district and individual judge may dictate different requirements.